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IRBISTECH presents the most effective solutionsfor dry ice production and cleaning

PU20AProduce dry ice pellets with maximum economy

Saving liquid CO2

Due to the absence of extrusion and a closed pressing chamber

High reliability

Using pneumatics instead of hydraulics

Free space on the floor

PU20A modules can be hung on the wall

TRANSFORMERExtend boundaries of your dry ice blasing

Use any pellets

Increasing the storage time and extending the cleaning period

Cutting of pellets into particles with determined size

Reduction of dry ice consumption due to faster acceleration of small particles. Choosing of size od pearticles 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm

Air consumption 800 L/min and more

With small particles, you can use nozzles with a smaller wire cross-section, which save compressed air.

Super sonic nozzles

Reduction of dry ice consumption due to maximum air acceleration in nozzles with a special profile

ONE only small pellets (3 mm)

Cleaning with only 3 mm pellets

Without the possibility of changing the size of the granules (degree of aggressiveness/softness of cleaning)

Air consumption from 3500 L/min

With lower compressor performance, the cleaning efficiency decreases

Supersonic nozzles

Reduction of ice consumption due to maximum acceleration of pellets in nozzles with a Laval nozzle profile

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