Testing at Nevinnomysskaya GRES (JSC "ENEL RUSSIA") - ИРБИСТЕХ

On Nevinnomyssk GRES (JSC “NL RUSSIA”) we had successfully tested the technology on dry ice cleaning.

Nevinnomyssk GRES is one of the manufacturing branch of JSC “NL RUSSIA”, where on July 24, 2017 the first dry ice cleaning equipment tests were made. Developer of this technology is the company IRBISTECH – one of the first startups selected by ENEL Russia’s innovation experts at the annual Technostart industrial innovation project competition, co-organized by the SKOLKOVO Foundation.

The cleaning equipment includes two parts: granulation module, that produce dry ice pellets with the specified density and dimensions, and a dry ice cleaning machine that keeps dry ice pellets and supplies it to the flow of the compressed air. Dry ice is soft enough to provide cleaning of the surface without injuring it.

The mail advantages of using the dry ice pellets for the blast cleaning are:

  • No secondary waste: dry ice evaporates so there is no need in additional after cleaning that saves time and reduces costs;
  • Cleaning objects without installation that is also saves time;
  • No damage to the surface to be cleaned;
  • Reducing the level of harmful effects on staff;
  • Dry ice blasting cleaning provides non-conductive and environmentally friendly cleaning process.

This technology, that is widely used abroad only starts being popular in our country. Next generation of the dry ice cleaning and the dry ice producing equipment that was produced for the Nevinnomyssk GRES by IRBISTECH, wins over foreign analogues due to its technical and economic characteristics: low weight, less energy consumption, low price in comparison with global analogues.

It’s important to say, that pilot equipment was first tested in an industrial conditions on a production branch of JSC «Enel Russia».

As a result of testing this technology and equipment, the Nevinnomyssk GRES Commission found that the cleaning effect claimed by the start-up company Irbistech was sufficiently proven to continue the process of implementing dry ice cleaning technology at other production branches of PJSC Enel Russia.


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